Our Story

Why we do it?

Incorporated in 2006, the Wholefoods Asia group began on the kitchen table with one brand, meatmarket.hk, an online butcher born out of the desire for higher quality meat and convenient, same-day home delivery.

Wholefoods Asia has grown into a technology-led portfolio of food ecommerce brands, natural alternate protein farming, ecommerce software-as-a-service for food retailers, just-in-time perishable goods logistics and shared commercial kitchens.

Wholefoods Asia’s Direct-to-Consumer technology levels the playing field – it has enabled the business to compete successfully with large food conglomerates and retailers. We share this capability with a growing network of aspiring foodpreneurs and established food businesses, enabling them to build prosperous enterprises in these touchless times.

As diets, nutritional awareness and the world’s climate have changed, Wholefoods Asia has evolved with it. Wholefoods Asia’s ongoing focus is on creation of new businesses and brands where food sources are more transparent, organic, responsible, and sustainable.

What we offer

Wholefoods Asia Limited owns and manages a group of brands that encompass the majority of the business verticals in the food industry. This includes biotech and natural alternative protein farming, logistics management of perishable goods, eCommerce software services for food retailers, and online businesses delivering food straight to consumers’ doors.

We offer a modern mesh of cutting-edge food technology and established food infrastructure and services that cater to food businesses and consumers world-wide.

Brands that we own and operate include meatmarket.hk, starvinmar.vin, Algemy, WFA Foodfillment Services, EATGREEN, I Like Sausage and more.

Our Brands