Portfolio Companies

As diets, nutritional awareness and the world’s climate have changed, Wholefoods Asia has evolved with it.

Our focus is on the creation of new businesses and brands where food sources are more transparent, organic, responsible, and sustainable, yet with ultra-convenience and without sacrificing taste.

Here are some of our investee companies.

Algemy Logo
Ground-breaking Biotech and Natural Alternative Protein farming in Australia to produce the most sustainable, scalable and nutrient dense food source on the planet.
starvinmar.vin Logo
A consolidated food eCommerce and Fulfilment SaaS platform empowering foodpreneurs to easily set up and run an independent food business.
Hong Kong’s most successful online store of high-quality meats and produce conveniently, contactlessly delivered to thousands of HK households.
EATGREEN is an online store offering a range of delicious plant-based proteins, ethically sourced meats, local produce, and other responsible and sustainable foods for not only a healthier body, but also a healthier world.
WFA Foodfilment Services
A holistic, turnkey solution for growing food production businesses, providing licensing, infrastructure, technology, staff and industry expertise to scale up a food business without infrastructure investment.
I Like Sausages logo
I Like Sausage is an online subscription-based shop for hand-made, gourmet sausages that comes in exciting, inventive flavours offering new tasting experiences each month.